All new features, updates, and bug fixes will be documented here. We recommend reading about each feature and change prior to updating.

  • 2.4.0 Beta-1

    Since this update contains framework-wide changes, it will be released as a beta. To get this update in your WP dashboard you'll need to turn Options > Receive Beta Releases on.

    It is strongly recommended that you do a backup before upgrading. We also recommend going to the Import & Export page and copying the settings somewhere safe. If you need to downgrade, you will need to paste the settings in and save them because of differences in the database.

    Two New Optional Breakpoints

    All color transparency classes and variables now support full 10% increment adjustments.

    Set border radius for boxed layout style

    [WS Form] Control for Grid Gutter

    Official Public Documentation Center

    .form--light now works on Bricks comment form

    Col span "all" now work on grids

    Dashboard shade accordion now disappears when a color is turned off.

    Dashboard button accordion now disappears when button is turned off.

    Bricks users can now set body color in ACSS

    Removed "100%" default for text line lengths.

    Fixed an issue where "offset page content automatically" conflicted with Bricks section dividers.

    [WS Form] Fixed label-inside alignment

    [WS Form] Fixed "International Telephone Input" alignment

  • New Changelog Released

    We've brought the changelog in-house! You can view the old changelog here.